Termite Teatment

The largest investment people typically make is the purchase of a home. Without treatment and regular inspections, termites can sneak their way in through cracks in the foundation, walls, and brick mortar. Overtime, these tiny insects can silently begin their work of destruction, leading to thousands of dollars worth of damage.


Fortunately, a revolutionary non-repellant liquid termiticide, called Termidor, provides excellent protection and control of termites. As a non-repellant, it cannot be smelled or tasted by termites. This allows them to easily pass through it and transfer it to other termites within their colony. Since its introduction, Termidor has protected over 4 million homes, making it the #1 product for termite defense.

Treatment of Termidor to your home or business involves the application of the termiticide around the foundation walls of the structure. This is accomplished by trenching, rodding, and sub slab injection. It is a technique that insures termites cannot enter your home without coming in contact with Termidor. When this product is applied properly, you can expect 100% control of infesting termites in 3 months or less. At Hansen Pest Control, we understand how important it is to provide proper termite treatments. With each appointment, we ensure a thorough inspection, open communication, and a careful meticulous structural treatment.



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